The Plastic Jerk – Easy, durable and catchy

Create your own lure and make a mould from it. Then cast as many as you like in plastic (Polyurethane Casting Resin) with a quality like the ones in the shops. This movie covers all steps from creating a master, making a mould from it, casting som lures and painting them. You even get to go on some testfishing with me, to see that the lure I made actually works.

Used components:
“Plastic” or correctly Polyurethane Resin

Glass bubbles to make it floating (I normally use 10% og plastic weight):!/resin-gel-silicone-adhesive/filler-powders-and-additives/general-fillers-and-additives/glass-bubbles-microballoons-microspheres.html

Mould material:!/resin-gel-silicone-adhesive/rtv-silicone-rubber/condensation-cure-mould-making-silicone-rubber-rtv.html

Stainless steel wire (MIG/TIG welding wire) – danish shop:


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