With a storm brewing from the south west, this 25″ tank couldn’t resist the Fishinator lures “Purple rain” and had the @peetz_outdoors reel wailing that familiar sound, not before spitting the hook once, but twice after tearing off the @scottyproducts down rigger and as I was reeling in to examine my lure he hit hard and serious the third time as the lure was on the surface 15′ from the boat, and he was an acrobat clearing the water several times and making 3 good runs, he finally gave up for a quick photo and release!! One of those fish a person will always remember !! @westside_stores the “Purple rain” is a go to lure for sure !! #fisharmy #shuswaprainbows #shuswapliving #wecatchfish #handmadeinblindbaybc #fishon


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